Our capacities

Production space and other areas:

  • 1.600 m² (workshop I.),
  • 2.400 m² (workshop II.),
  • 1.500 m² (roofed storage space),
  • 3.000 m² (non-roofed storage space with our own vehicle fleet),
  • 500 m² (technical bureau and administrative offices).

Production hall in which we manufacture our products predominantly from stainless steel and black material. It is equipped with sheet metal forming equipment, enabling us to produce various types of larger-dimensioned tanks, reservoirs, technical vessels and piping, as well as other steel constructions, at the customer’s request.

Paint shop, size 11,5 m (l) x 10,0 m (w) x 6,0 m (h).

Tools, technical equipment and containers
Using our own (assembly) tools and lifting equipment with up to 100 metric tons gross lifting capacity, cranes and other special transportation systems, we are able to construct, produce and assemble every conceivable type of steel construction. The company has its own containers for onsite technical requirements and our assembly teams.

150 employees with various expert profiles, including:

  • Assembly personnel,
  • Fitters
  • Pipe fitters and pipe welders
  • Certified welders
  • Group leaders, site managers
  • Supervisory personnel
    as well as reliable assembly personnel provided by subcontractors.


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