Welding MIG, MAG, TIG (WIG), E

We guarantee the quality of our welding work in accordance with the international standard EN ISO 3834-2, currently the most rigorous workshop and onsite working standard.

Our welding certificate DIN 18800-7 for welder attestation corroborates the quality of our steel-structure and fume-outlet production:

  • Full material verifiability
  • Certified raw material & filler material
  • In-house welding engineer (EWE)
  • Certified welders (EN 287-1)
  • Welding guideline compliance (Welding Manual)
  • Welding procedure and specifications (WPS)

Our welders are qualified professionals certified under the European standard EN 287-1 for steel constructions and other guideline.

We perform all the necessary welding-related tasks for our customers:

  • Preparation of the welding related documentation
  • Performance of the welding technology concerned
  • Guaranteed quality control for production of steel structures and piping systems

Our welders are audited and certified for different welding procedures:

  • Melting welding for metallic materials
    • SMAW 111, shielded metal-arc welding
    • MAG-135, gas metal-arc welding (with core wire electrode)
    • MIG-131, aluminum welding
    • TIG (WIG)-141, inert-gas welding for stainless steel and carbon steel
    • Combination 141/111
    • Welding under welding powder
    • (Autogenic) welding using an oxyacetylene flame
  • Thermoplastic welding
    • Welding with welder's clamps
    • Welding with hot tools
  • Brazing of copper pipelines
  • Welding of duplex steel

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