In the field of piping MP PTUJ d.o.o. offers its clients one-stop services from pipe-work planning through to facility commissioning. This includes, among others, the onsite processing of high quality stainless steel materials with company-owned CNC bending centers and special machines and tools.

We install pipelines in a wide range of diameters and materials (stainless steel, black material, plastics) as well as for different media: water, steam, dye, gas and other chemicals. Pipelines are manufactured in accordance with isometric requirements and other standard-compliant details.

Our special steel pipe-work using orbital welding has earned us an excellent reputation in the food-processing and automotive industries.

We also work with a wide range of plastics (including PVC, PPE, PPH, PE, PVDF) for the chemical sub-sectors where we supply clients with pipe-work for purified water facilities and for pre-processing drinking water and sewage.

Experienced pipe fitters and welders erect different types of pipelines (prefabricated parts, final assembly at the construction site) and associated facilities.

The required welding procedures are used, and simultaneously monitored, if necessary, using video-scopes or other monitoring techniques.

For more demanding piping environments, (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food industry) we use orbital welding machines to achieve top-quality welding joints.

Smaller-diameter pipes (pipes for lubricants, hydraulic pipes, air pipes, and similar pipe-work) are processed with manual bending pliers. Smaller pipes are joined using so-called hermetic connectors.

Pipe-works for dyes are bent mechanically and subsequently calibrated with a mandrel.

Larger-diameter pipelines (up to DN 3,500) are produced, prepared and field mounted in accordance with the piping technology and pipe standards (details, isometrics) concerned.

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