Products from stainless & carbon steel

In our production halls we produce various products from all types of metals.

We use our technical equipment as the basis for manufacturing:

  • Process and storage tanks
  • Technical vessels
  • Large dimension reservoirs of varying forms
  • Air ducts
  • Pipelines
  • Steel structures
  • Filter casing
  • Cyclone separators
  • Steam ducts
  • Desiccators
  • Vibration bases
  • Cooling systems
  • Constructions
  • Other special prefabricated parts

Additionally to that, we also produce:

  • Insulated or non-insulated panels and walls for various technical processes
  • Round and rectangular ventilation ducts
  • Pipe structures with assembly of pumps and other building elements
  • Landings, stairs, guard rails and other construction elements
  • Various other prefabricated products

Our products are primarily used in automotive, paper, steel, chemical and food industries, as well as in purification and power plants.

At our technical construction office, we prepare technical and control documentation and prepare pre-calculations for products that serve that serve later as a basis for quoting for our products and services.

We use the following CAD programs for our work: Autocad, 2D-3D, ProStahl, Catia, Sheetmetal and Ducting.

The technical process of manufactured parts includes:

  • Mechanical processing
  • Cutting of sheet metal
  • Bending
  • Assembly
  • Welding
  • Surface protection (mordanting, painting)

With our cutting machines (up to 6m length), trimming press (up to 6m length) and wrapping machines (up to 3m length), the sheet metal can be shaped into the required form and then welded. For more demanding contours, we use laser-, plasma- or flame-cutting techniques for dimensions of 3m x 24m.

Our welders’ skill cover the welding of components, structures, sheet metal, pipes and tanks. Various recognized standard procedures are used in welding such as Electro, MIG, MAG or TIG (WIG), for which our welders are suitably qualified and certified under EN 287-1.

In doing so, we guarantee the issuance and documentation of material certificates, welding protocols (WPS) and other necessary inspection records.

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