Construction, CAD construction for all production areas and material sourcing

Processing of stainless steel (all material qualities and norms)

  • Stainless steel metal sheets, profile and stainless steel pipes
  • Processing and storage tanks, technical vessels
  • Round and rectangular ventilation ducts
  • Production and pre-assembly of pump groups with fittings and collection basins
  • Pipes with large diameters (up to DN 3,500)
  • Plant engineering, welding plant construction
  • Steel structures
  • Filter frames
  • Vibration base
  • Cyclones
  • Steam ducts for air cooling
  • Various sheet metal parts for the automotive, paper, chemicals, steel and other industries
  • Insulated and non-insulated panels and walls for various technical processes
  • Landings, stairs, guardrails and other construction elements

Processing of construction steel in all production classes

  • Sheet metal, profile steel and conduits

Delivery, Transport by road or ship (from the port of Koper, Slovenia)

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