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MP PTUJ d.o.o. (Ltd) was established as an engineering, assembly, plant engineering and production company in 1994. The headquarters of the company is situated in Ptuj, Slovenia.
The company has established a system of quality management for production, sales and erection of metal constructions and products for technological plants. Our services support the biggest global suppliers of investment equipment, machine devices, systems and services in automotive industry, paper industry, metal and steel industry, food and beverage industry, chemical industry, energetics and other specialized branches.

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Products from stainless
and carbon steel

Products from stainless & carbon steel
Process and storage tanks, technical vessels, sheet metal parts and structures, pipelines, filter vats and hoods, organization of special transport,…
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and preassembly 

Prefabrication & preassembly
Sheet metal processing, mechanical processing, metal cutting, bending, assembly, welding, surface finishing, corrosion protection, …
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and plant engineering

Plant engineering
Engineering, industrial plants, piping, machine construction, mechanical equipment installation, devices,…
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Metal - and steel structures

Metal - and steel structures
Structures, platforms, landings, roof structures, walls, ventilators, …
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paint line systems

Automated paint finishing lines
Erection of painting booths, conveyor chains, painting and handling robots, steelwork, platforms, dye reservoirs, pipelines, …
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Air-cooled condensers

Air-cooled condensers
Steel structures, steam ducts, heat exchangers, tube piping, propulsion fans, ribbed tubing, compensators, condensate and drainage  tanks, air removal equipment, instrumentation,…
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Prefabrication, preparation and assembly of pipes acc. to isometrics,…
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Welding MIG, MAG, TIG (WIG), E
Plates, pipes, rolled metal sections, metal welding, thermoplastic welding, brazing of copper pipelines,...
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Conveyance systems
and material handling

Conveyance system and protective devices
Driverless transport systems, skid handling systems, roller conveyors, power & free, gravity tables, elevators, shelf handling systems,...
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and overhauls

Maintenance & overhauls
Overhauls, repairs, modification of machines and plants, installation and commissioning,  fitter and mechanic works,...
MP Ptuj d.o.o.
MP Ptuj d.o.o.
Dornavska cesta 7b
SI-2250 Ptuj - Slovenia
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