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On January 31, 2015, Co. MP Reschka USA Inc. was incorporated in the State of South Carolina, USA. The cooperation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of private limited Co. MP PTUJ d.o.o. .

MP PTUJ d.o.o. was established as an engineering, assembly, and plant engineering and production company in 1994. It is a private limited company. The headquarters of the company – which has around 120 employees – is situated in Ptuj, Slovenia, Europe. The company provides services to globally leading suppliers of investment equipment, systems and services in the automotive, paper, metal-processing, energy and other specialized industries. It has certified quality management system for the production, sales and erection of steel constructions and products for industrial technical facilities and other certificates such as the certificate of conformity of the factory production control, the qualification for fusion welding of metallic materials both in workshops and at field installation sites, the qualification testing of welders for the fusion welding of steels, the bolting technician approval test certificate, the certificate of manufacturers of pressure vessels and pressure parts, the safety certificate contractors -safety certificate personnel, when performing services according to temporary employment act of the state in diverse industry plants etc.. We realize approximately 300 projects of different types and different values per year.

We are present in U.S. mainly in automotive industry, where a plant modifications and upgrades of existing production facilities take place. We do have business licenses and experiences in commercial, general or mechanical contracting. The Co. MP Reschka U.S. is licensed to work in U.S. states such as TN, AL, SC etc. Generally we do machinery, equipment – industrial – installation, servicing or repair and pressure and process piping installation. Our specialty is installations of paint lines and robots in automotive industry. Generally on all projects, the company collaborates closely with its project partners, clients and suppliers, in doing so project management covers the planning, coordination, quality control, steering and supervision of the project, from start to finish.


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Past projects

  • Site in Ridgeville, SC, Volvo Charleston
  • Site in Cottondale, AL, SMP Tuscaloosa
  • Site in Chattanooga, TN, VW GoA
  • Site in Fremont, CA, Tesla Factory

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